Four  images from a

    The image at left was wet mounted using the ScanScience kit
    for the Nikon 9000, the image to the right was dry scanned.
    Dry scanning almost obliterates the details on the rigging of
    the sail boat which is shown here.
    Many thanks to the sender Derek Jecxz. from the USA.
    You can see his wonderful images at

    He Comments:
    "FYI: Almost all of the images in my Latest and
    Portfolio categories are wet scanned using your
    supplies and materials and the results are
    fantastic! Thank you."

Notice that the better image on the left,  if obtained
with a better lens or a better scanner would have cost
hundreds of dollars more than by fluid-scanning.

    See the images below for one more         comparison.
Scancience Kits for the Nikon 9000/8000
offers three kits, the all options Pro Kit which
mounts stubborn curled film, 35 mm strip film and MF strip
film.  The dual kit offers options for MF and 35 mm strip
films.  We also offer kits for either MF or 35 mm.
Dry Scan
The contrast and detail of the
brush in the fluid scan is superior
to that of the dry scan, which is

Also notice that the red in the
motor bike ornament is much
more brilliant in the fluid scan
compared to the dry scan.  
Greater color saturation is one of
the benefits of fluid immersion
Fluid Scan
Comparison Fluid  Vs Dry Scans: -ScanScience Kit for The Nikon 9000 Film Scanner
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