B&W Scanning Lab Study by K and B. Gale, - With thanks
Fluid Scan
of film for
this picture
Dry Scan
Of film for
this Pictur
Dry Scan
Old Picture
    The fluid scan eliminates the dust
    Scanning is over 10 X  as efficient as
    digital dust and scratch removal and
    in addition delivers better gradation
    other means.

    Also notice the uniform and smooth
    tonality that sets it apart from the
    other images.

    This was a large project involving
    hundred's of similar old images and
    the artists were amazed at the
    simplicity of the technique and the
    effectiveness of fluid scanning which
    saved them countless hours in
    digital retouching.  

    Fluid scanmning works with all films
    even silver formed films where digital
    IR techniques do not work on silver
    halide negatives like these.
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Fluid Scanning Technology