We show these five sets of Wet / Dry scan comparisons as they widely illustrate the differences between
    Fluid Scanning and  Dry Scanning.

    1- The first of these comparisons 1- B&W (1) illustrates Fluid Scanning's ability to scan Silver fillm and to erease the
    scratchmarks on the film, in addition to rendering the image more uniform and grainless.
    2- The black and white set B&W(2) offers a more nuanced view of Fluid scanning and its ability to enhance contrast, e.g.
    seeing the film in its original form.
    3- The set  "Color Neg"  shows the greater color saturation and greater fidelty to the original film content.
    4- The set "Kodachrome" illustrates the effect that dry scanning has on Kodachrome, rendering the film (in this case
    Kodachrome 64) with characteristic purple graininess. Fluid scanning shows that this enhancement of the grain is an aberration of
    dry scanning, which results from how the optics read dry grain.  Many users that scanned large collections of Kodachrome have
    been put off by the unatrtactiveness of the purple grain. Fluid Scanning cleans up the scan of Kodachrome effectively.
    5- The set Film Scanner Nikon 9000 illustrates:
           A) the greater sharpness and contrast of the Fluid Scan. The dry scan pratically obliterates the detail on the rigging of the
           B) Again, the grater sharpness of the  fluid scan is unquestionable in the rendering of the detail in the bushes.

Dry scanning although intuitively 'natural' is anything but. The properties of light make for the dry scan to  be defective, emphasizing the
grain because of the scattering of light on the dry grain and reducing contrast and saturation and dynamic range. Blocked shadow
detail  and washed out highlights are typical effects of dry scanning. Evidently fluid scannign is the only method of scanning which sees
the film without the artifacts introduced by dry scanning. Fluid Scanning retains full fidelity to the original image on film.
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