The cropped section  
is from  the
intersection of the tall
building with the
smaller building to its
right by the red arrow
Owners of a treasure trove of Kodachrome images can now  reproduce them
    in their full beauty with ScanScience fluid mounting kits and LUMINA optical fluid.
    The BEST film scanners  emphasize the peppery grain of Kodachrome.
    Fluid scanning  enhances those scanner's by undoing the artifacts of dry scanning.  

           ABOUT THE IMAGES:
    FILM  KODACHROME 64. - Camera:  Lens:  ZEISS Perpective Correction Lens, 35 mm. on a Contax
    camera. Location, Atlanta.
    SCAN: Scanned on a Canon film scanner FS 4000 @ 4000 dpi, at 16 bit color depth. Scanned file size
    124 MB.   Colour space Lindbloom Beta-RGB.
    No color or contrast adjustments were made during the scan or afterwards and no sharpening was used.  

    The original image was enlarged 500% and cropped.  The images in the top row are sized to fit the
    maximum page width allowable  in the web design software.  The larger images below are a practical
    size that allows for more detailed viewing

  • In the fluid scan, the window frames are blacker and  show higher contrast and are
    better defined.  Grain is smoother and more neutral.
  • The fluid immersion scan is distinctly cleaner than the 'normal' dry scan . Purple grain is
    an artefact of dry scanning and has been eliminated.
  • The peppery, magenta look of Kodachrome 64 is due to the artifacts of light striking the
    dry grain and does not occur when fluid mounted.
Comparison Fluid  Vs Dry Scans: KODACHROME -ScanScience Kit for The Canon 4000 Film Scanner
Fluid Scanning Technology