Microtek / Agfa Film&Flatbed
Microtek M1 / F1, i900/ 18000
Flatbed Scanners Supported
    What you find in this section
  • Three full pages are dedicated to the Epson  
    V750/V700 which include a total of 18 kits in
    standard formats: 35mm MF and 4x5, and Large
    Formats 8x10, 5x7 and 4x10.  It also includes a
    selection of Special Formats,  250 mm MF,  
    Polaroid and 50 mm single slide.
  • Your scanner may be an Agfa or Microtek with
    dual illumination sources, one for opaque
    materials like prints -located on the lid, and
    another for transparencies, like film, located
    under the glass bed. This type of scanner
    typically has a drawer to house transparencies
    during the scan. If you own this type of scanner
    click on the FilmFlat Dual tab.
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Fluid Scanning Technology