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What Customers are saying about ScanScience
This email from the UK

    > Chuck: I recently bought the ScanScience kit for my CS 9000 and it > works as well or
    even better than their own blurb.  I have no shares > in this business but can say that the
    last hurdle to well-nigh > perfect pictures (especially B/W) has been removed for me. Grain
    is appreciably smoother and as the film lies perfectly flat there are  no focussing
    problems. Big enlargements are now purely a matter of  sharpness of the original. An
    unexpected bonus is that with B/W negs the wetmounting fluid supplied by Scanscience
    seems to be as effective as Nikon's Digital ICE is with colour. With colour emulsions
    sharpness is improved as I no longer have to use ICE.

    > Hope this helps, Charlie Lewis
And This comment.....
    Only a few words to say that I made the mounting and scanned my first b/w
    negatives without problems ( I got some bubbles at the first mounts but with
    some practice it's not difficult to avoid them ) .

    Congratulations for this product. These new scans are stunning; it's
    close to wearing glasses and forget to put them on or not .

    Best regards, José.
  • Our kits for the NIKON Scanners are the most sought after enhancement to
    these great machines.
  • Experienced users say: once you see the brilliance of a fluid scan you never
    go back to dry scanning.
  • With the ScanScience system You just remove the cover in the
    regular holder and you are ready to start fluid scanning.  
  • This inherent advantage of the film scanner is lost by film curvature which
    causes uneven focus.  Also,  dry scanning produces  light scattering at the
    grain and loss of sharpness and color saturation.
  • To counter film curvature, glass carriers were proposed as a solution, but
    Newton rings made the 'solution' unworkable.  Anti-Newton glass was then
    proposed but that came with some loss in image quality because  anti newton
    (AN) glass is not perfectly clear glass nor is it a cure for problems inherent in
    dry scanning such as light scattering.    
  • The ScanScience system addresses these issues by achieving film flatness
    by fluid mounting the film to scanning glass in a non-refractive position.  With
    the ScanScience system the troublesome issues of film curvature and Newton
    rings are banned and replaced by a superior optical system in which film is
    perfectly flat and  yields the brilliance associated with fluid scanning.   
  • You do not need a glass holder only the regular holder. You can get
    the Pro Kit for the Nikon 9000 for the price of a glass holder. This
    saves you hundreds of dollars.
  • Time is on the side of fluid scanning: On  a Nikon Coolscan 9000 a high
    resolution scan with ICE set to standard took 6.75 minutes. A fluid scan without
    ICE and the same settings took only 4 minutes. The fluid mount can be
    assembled in under 2 minutes.  
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